Chris Jones
3D/2D Artist
3D Modeling - environment art, large scale pieces to small props, low/high poly modeling + UVing
Texturing - hand painted & procedural texturing/mapping
2D Illustration - environment, prop and character concepting

Modeling:    Autodesk Maya
Texturing:    Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Adobe Photoshop
Illustration:    Autodesk Sketchbook, Procreate
4th year UCF Game Design student; artist for multiple game projects

Madhouse (Fall 2017) – Lead Artist
- Created environment concept art
- 3D modeled and UVed over 140 environmental assets
- Created textures and materials for 3D models
- Assisted art team and prop placement
Virtual UCF Arboretum (Fall 2017) – 3D Artist
- 3D modeled and UV'd multiple low-poly plants
- Textured multiple 3D models with scientific accuracy
Dr. Higgs’ Great Escape (Summer 2017) – Lead Artist
- Created environment, prop and character concept art
- 3D modeled, UVed and textured large background pieces and multiple sets of small props
- Implemented 3D assets across multiple levels and played a major role in prop placement and level design in Unity

The Spirit of Adventure (Spring 2017) – 2D Artist
- Created environment and character concept art
- Animated multiple 2D characters and illustrated multiple 2D props

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