Dr. Higgs's Great Escape is a first-person speedrunning game that I developed with Gravity Well Games as Lead Artist.  The game takes place in a futuristic setting where the player is forced to outrun an expanding black hole after a lab accident, traversing 3 unique environments while avoiding obstacles and building up speed.
The 3 levels are as follows:  the Lab, the City and Space.
Certain assets were shared across all 3 environments, but the main goal of our art team was to ensure that the core elements of each level were unique. The Lab level is a confined area riddled with pipes and supports, made up of sharp turns and a continuous hallway. The City level is open, with towering buildings, crowded streets and a bustling sky full of flying ships and robots.  The Space level removes all confines and places the player in constant danger of falling, while surrounding them with massive moving parts and an intricate skybox.
As Lead Artist, I was responsible for both 3D asset creation and environment concept art.  I created all structural assets for the Lab level, multiple 3D asset packs used across all levels and was in charge of level design for the Lab and City levels.
You can download Dr. Higgs's Great Escape for free from our Itch page. More of my concept art for the game can be found in my 2D Gallery, and more of the 3D Assets I created for the game can be viewed in my 3D Gallery.
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