The Spirit of Adventure is a 2D/3D isometric dungeon crawling game that I developed with Lodgework Games as a 2D artist.  The game consists of a large, stylized and goblin-filled dungeon that players must explore and defeat with the help of their spirit companion. Our overall goal when creating the artwork for the game was to effectively combine a 3D environment with 2D characters and items, pushing the same style across the board and ensuring that the active 2D art would stand out.
My responsibilities as a 2D artist on The Spirit of Adventure were environment concept art and character art.  I created base concepts from which the 3D dungeon and props were built by our other artists, and I created the artwork for the player character, spirit glove, bosses and other items.
You can download and play The Spirit of Adventure for free from our Itch page, and you can check out more of the 2D artwork I created for the game in my 2D Gallery.
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